Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Volcano has erupted!

Seriously have we lost our sense of dignity and retroceded to the times when people could actually be reduced to the value given by the oppressor?...The passing of HB 87 has brought me to tears. To think that I have loved and felt proud to call Georgia home for so many years (24) and now I am just beyond embarrassed to live in a State that sees human beings as "problems" to be dealt with. That passes laws as a way to discriminate against those who have no voice and are reduced to hide in the shadows. Oh wait a minute this is the same Georgia that believed that people were inferior based on the color of their skin. And actually tried to stand firm against the LAW of the time FOR discrimination. The State that stood behind the white Supremacy movement and allowed the KKK to flourished. So sorry I thought we had come a long way! The truth is that we have not, we are now worse than ever before. Now some members of the Black community (specially those in positions of power) have joined some Whites in discriminating against Latinos/Hispanics or anyone that looks Latino or Hispanic without regards to the struggle for human rights or civil rights which by the way Martin Luther King Jr fought for in the name of all people not just Blacks!! Yea he was a true believer that all man are created equal unlike modern time "civil rights activist" who hide behind the Black Pride veil and fail to support his legacy! If you have any conscience or you are a women or men of faith you CANNOT agree with what is going on in our State and in our Land....and you must SPEAK against it...or accept that we are the Land of opportunity for the few....that's SAD!

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