Friday, September 4, 2009

Why BoricuaPeach?

I moved to Georgia in 1987 back then "Spanish" people (what we were called then) were all considered the same and categorized under the designation of "other". I remember living in Lilburn, Georgia and not being able to find a Spanish-speaking soul for miles! I must admit at that time I was not an "active" Latina. What I mean by that is that I had moved to the U.S. to complete high school in 1983 and went to college in Macon,Georgia where I married a good 'ol southern boy with deep southern roots.

I remember my days as a "southern belle" fondly, and I have the "southern Spanish" accent to show for it. Being a culture lover I immersed myself in peanuts, pecans and peaches for over 10 years. As you may already suspect my favorite topic is "food" I am not sure if I love culture because of my love for food or if I love food because of my love of culture, but at any rate I have had a love affair with both all of my life.

I think I was cooking from the time I could walk, my grandmother did not allow me to get too close so I would stand and watch her use a cornucopia of ingredients from the many cultures of my natal island, Puerto Rico. As I got older I began to consider creating culinary delights as a form of art. For me cooking is similar with love in all forms, love of myself, nature and others.

A keen desire to share this love has brought me to write about my experiences as a Puerto Rican living in the South with you! Together we will discover the amazing similarities that connect southern cooking and Puerto Rican cooking. Yes! There are so many similarities, rice, beans, yams, okra and of course we share the same favorite cooking technique, frying! Which in spite of current trends remains the most popular way of cooking in both cultures!

So, come with me in this culinary journey through two cultures and one passion ~Delicious Food

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